YML file refuses to upload changes

Both on github and now locally on my mac desktop I can’t get my newly created yaml file to reflect changes. I have a jekyll site but I’ve made small changes in the layout for “gallery” I’ve added a landscapes.yml which is a duplicate of existing illustration.yml

I am thinking now it is because I built this jekyll site 4 months ago and I need to start from scratch.
I remember last time I couldnt make some changes directly to github with drag and drop and was forced to return to terminal and push everything with a clean install which is a major headache.
This is the only thing I can find which might be throwing errors. (?)

When I jekyll build and serve on terminal for local site the landscapes page shows up but with all the old info I have long since changed and it throws errors looking for images I have since deleted and changed to new ones in the landscapes.yml and images/landscapes folder

Prior to this I was having problems with Ruby but managed to update to latest and run jekyll but now that all this is going on I’ve trashed my local site and downloaded what I have on github and now having problems getting Jekyll to build SO anyway I will sort out Ruby no doubt again later but what to do about newly created landscapes.yml not updating?

Ok I’m sorry, I should have researched more before posting this. I ended up using a YAML validator HERE and soon found it was just a syntax error. Anyway though, I did have to update RUBY etc as a matter of course.