Jekyll Build not working

I am trying out Jekyll for the first time.

Got everything installed yesterday (Ruby, Gems, Jekyll, etc) and fired up a new Jekyll site. Then I did Jekyll serve and everything worked as expected. I was able to visit my site at localhost 4000 and successfully added a post.

But then when I went to do a Jekyll Build, the CSS is not working on the site. In the head section of all of the HTML files the styles are linked to /assets/main.css; and in the folder structure, there is a main.css in the assets folder. So I am not sure what is going on. I have not adjusted the base and site url settings in the _config.yaml file.

Here is the code I have, can anyone see what might be going on?


Have a look through the rest of this forum, this issue comes up every other day and you’ll find some suggestions there.

My guess is you need to make use of Jekyll’s baseurl.

Thanks mmsitakes,

If this is such a common issue, why is this not talked about in the documentation on the build process? Is there a process to request this common issue get added to their documentation?

Thanks again.


what are you using as a server? if you are just trying to browse files locally without a server it won’t work. Jekell serve fires up a server, build does not.

Interesting, I thought when you do a build it spits out static html/css/js files in the _site folder correct?

Why would you need a server to open index.html in your browser and view the site? When I create a static site by hand, I can open any of the html files and it displays as expected without a server.

correct, you can see this by looking at the _site folder, everything will be there.

You need a server if you expect relative urls to work (I think?) - so /assets/css/site.css won’t work unless you have a server that knows that / is the root of the site folder. I think without a server / is the root of the computer?

If all the assets and html files are in a flat structure then no server is needed if you reference them like href="mycss.css" - with no leading /. Once you put stuff in sub folders I think that is where the server is needed.

I may not be using relative url in the correct manner, the leading / is the problem as I understand it.

Ah thank you rdyar, that makes sense! thank you for helping me understand it!