Trouble with building

Hi!, i do not if i got a trouble or i do not know how to run it the right way

I configured my config.yml with all my stuff & run jekyll serve
then i’ve been working on the index.html (not .md) the .html, renaming some classes adding others,
and giving some style with css you know, save & refresh the and it goes
awesome, everything as i wanted to be
BUT if i change something in the config.yml OR i created another post, the page forgives the whole
new changes i made, also delete the new images i saved on images folder

Am i wrong or smth?

Can i modify the index.html? or is that the problem

Do you have a sample repo we can look at?

Jekyll does not watch for changes to the config - so if you make a change there you need to restart Jekyll Serve.

As for images disappearing, are you putting them in the _site folder? if so that is the problem, the _site folder gets nuked every time jekyll builds.