Problems after restarting servers

I’m sure this is a stupid question but when I stop my server and restart, it is replacing all of my files with the default starter files, does anyone know how to stop this? I assumed it was to do with the build settings in the config file but I haven’t changed anything.

sounds like you are editing files in the _site directory? you should not do that as those get reset every time jekyll builds.

But your questions isn’t very clear, what server? the hardware itself? or jekyll serve? iis?

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Sorry, to clarify.

I created a site using Jekyll quick start.

I edited the site, the changes were shown on my browser. I then had to stop the server. I restarted by running ‘Jekyll serve’ in the command line. Doing this replaced all of my files with the started files.

Any idea why this could be happening?

Okay I think the solution is to move my files out of the _site directory like you said! Thanks

The _site directory should be in .gitignore and so nothing in there must be committed. It’s only for compiled HTML. and assets which get copied from the project root assets if you have

There are no stupid questions

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