Files regenerating loop never stop!


I am a Windows 10 Home user. Now I installed Ruby 2.6.5 (with Devkit) + Jekyll (last 4.0.0) version.

Then I create a new site using command jekyll new site. And I’m looking site using command bundle exec jekyll serve. All was be okay, I can go to localhost:4000 in the browser and see entire site.

But when I edit any file (for example:, in terminal I see, that regenerating process will don’t stop: What is it?

First time I see this problem, please help me :frowning:

And sorry friends for bad English, I’m still learning.

can you post more of the terminal output?

the first time you run jekyll server it is fine, only starts doing this when you save a file the first time?

Hello, rdyar!

Thank you again brother for answer! I found the problem.

In File Path was be Russian symbols. And is it caused errors.

I change my Windows system language to English. And all my File Path url-s changed to English too. And it solve the problem.

Thank you for the answer again! Sorry to hurry and come to the forum with a question.

I mark my answer like a solution.