YAML file changes get served - but not changes made in HTML, SCSS etc

Beginner here!
I have a problem serving a forked repository. When I change attributes in the YAML files all changes get served on Localhost 4000 (color, titles etc.). But If I change other things within HTML or SCSS these get ignored. For example I tried to customize a SVG header logo and it always shows me the original version.

Also I added trace.svg to the static img directory. But when I serve the site and inspect the sources in Chrome I can not find the added file in the directory I added the file before. I seems like ~1/AppData/Local/Temp/jekyll-remote-theme-23… ignores the changes I apply in VSCode.

I tried clearing all the caches in the browser and also in Bash - no changes.
There must be a simple trick here - happy to learn!

Original theme: GitHub - pfdt/bisou-jekyll-theme: bisou - a cocktail recipes jekyll theme

are you editing something inside the _site folder by chance? (don’t do that)

Which things are you editing? what is a full path for example?

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Good to know that the _site folder content should not be amended manually. I guess this could just be changed through Markdown. As of now I just wanted to customize the appearance of the theme.
I changed the SVG path of …\assets\img-static\logo.svg which does not work as described above.

jekyll 4.3.2

How are you accessing the theme in your _config.yml file? How are you changing the theme’s files?

If you’re using the example from sample_content/_config.yml, then you are accessing the theme as a “remote theme”, i.e.:

remote_theme: pfdt/bisou-jekyll-theme@master

With a remote theme, you cannot modify the theme files directly, you can only override them with local copies. For example, to override the burger menu icon in the sample, you would need to create a modified copy of the icon in sample_content/_includes/burger.svg. That modified copy will override the remote one.

Detailed documentation about overriding theme defaults:

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As of now I am just changing the attributes in _content.yml _taxonomies.yml _theme.yml and _tools.yml in VSCode which works very good. Only the other directories can not be touched - as it seems.

Ah yes - obviously this refers to master which should be self explanatory :upside_down_face:
SO it is important in which directory I serve out the theme locally. Because this was the folder where I served in Bash.

To understand this right - forking this theme to make my own little Jekyll website is not the right strategy here? I really liked the theme and was looking forward to transform this into something else as a practice.
Maybe this overriding will hurt the performance of the site after all.

Thanks for the link I will do a deep dive- much appreciated!

If you just want to use the theme’s files in a custom theme-less site, then you’d do the following:

  • Remove remote_theme: (or theme:) from your site’s _config.yml
  • Copy the theme’s directories into your site’s directory (merging contents). In this case:
    • bisou-jekyll-theme/_includes
    • bisou-jekyll-theme/_layouts
    • bisou-jekyll-theme/_sass
    • bisou-jekyll-theme/assets

Now you would have a completely self-contained site. Changes to the copied theme files will appear quickly (however, some changes, like to _config.yml, will require restarting jekyll serve).