Github page - styles.scss not taking affect?

Can someone help me figure out why my styles.scss ( is not affecting the site (

As far as I know, I’ve followed the instructions at the GitHub Help “Customizing CSS and HTML in your Jekyll theme” page but my customization does not seem to take effect. It is not clear what “in the root of your site’s repository” really means… is that at the same level as the “index.html” file that is being shown, or at the root of the repository itself?

the root would be the top most directory - where your index.html is generally speaking.

Your repo is a little confusing as it’s not clear to me what is being served, the docs folder is where your config file is yet your url does not contain /docs/ at the end?

And to be clear, the main css is showing, just not the couple custom things you put in that scss file right? at a glance your site looks good to me.

Sorry, answer deleted. Was not applicable.

Yes, the site seems to be working fine… but my custom scss is not being used.

Hi, I have the exact same problem (custom scss being ignored), did you find an answer? I observed that this problem seems to occur for my Project GH page, but not for my User GH page (the exact same code), which is weird.