Jekyll Tutorial Sass not working

Hi everyone,
I’m working through the Jekyll tutorial and am on page Assets. I followed the instructions and copied the code into my project, but the header text isn’t changing as described in the tutorial… Does anyone have any suggestions for what might be wrong, or is there some other process I’m missing? I re-upped the server to check if it needed to be restarted, but that didn’t help either.
Here’s my current project:


your current project link is 404 - did you sort it out?

Sorry, new to posting sites to github- do I need to run ‘jekyll build’ so you can see it?

If it helps, I also get this error when running my site:

ERROR: ‘/assets/css/styles.scss’ not found.

but I have this file located in that directory per the instructions in the Step by Step tutorial.

this link does not work so I cannot see what is in your repo…

Just made it public - does that work?

  • there is no config file, can’t have a jekyll site without one
  • the assets folder should not have an underscore at the beginning, folders with an underscore at the beginning are generally ignored by jekyll, so rename it to just assets and it should work (assuming you find the config file).
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