Jekyll can't find scss partials in _sass

Hello Everyone,

I am getting started with Jekyll and am following the documentation tutorial.
I have arrived at the section regarding scss/css however I can’t suceed in making it work.

My site repo is here with the styles.scss working for now because I don’t use the

@import "main";

line. As soon as I do, jekyll breaks and returns the following error message when I jekyll serve :

Conversion error: Jekyll::Converters::Scss encountered an error while converting 'css/styles.scss':
                    File to import not found or unreadable: main. on line 5 

I have tried forcing the sass directory using the _config.yml file but this does not change anything. Any idea ?

Do you have a _sass/_main.scss file? That is what the error above is complaining about. If you don’t that’s your issue.

Hello. No I have a “main.scss” in _sass so :

I think it’s your install of Jekyll and Ruby environment. What version of Jekyll are you using?
I just cloned your repo and ran jekyll build and it built the site fine with zero errors.

michael$ jekyll build
Configuration file: /Users/michael/Downloads/
            Source: /Users/michael/Downloads/
       Destination: /Users/michael/Downloads/
 Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
                    done in 0.039 seconds.
 Auto-regeneration: disabled. Use --watch to enable.

Ok. I managed to make it work though I don’t understand the underlying issue I was having.

I believe I initially started my jekyll site with the minima theme (jekyll new mySite does so) and then deleted a bunch of files to start from scratch. Doing so, I apparently messed up the configuration …

I started fresh with jekyll new mySite --blank and now everything works fine without changing anything.

Thanks for the support

I had that issue. I deleted the _site directory and Jekyll successfully converted the Scss files to css.