Jekyll: File to import not found or unreadable?

I’m developing a website using Jekyll and the sass imports aren’t working correctly, I have tried changing the default _sass directory and changed the names of the files but nothing seems to work?

Any help appreciated!!

My files are as follows:


In my all.sass file

is there a repo to look at?

do you have the front matter dashesin your all.sass file?


Thanks for the reply,

when I put those dashes in my main.sass file I get the error: File not found or unreadable: '3-modules/-sections-dir??

you need the dashes in the file where you are importing all the partials. If it errors and says its can’t find a file then you need to double check all the paths. I would go back to the stock way - with the partials in the _sass directory, and remove the sass lines from the config file in order to eliminate any issues with that part.

Also, in your config file, you need to be careful about formatting, what you have above I think is incorrect - the second sass line I think should be indented 2 spaces (sass_dir). I don’t think those 2 lines are required if you use the default _sass folder.

is your partial named with .scss or .sass at the end?

without a repo to look at it is hard to tell what is going on.