Gh-pages rendering HTML only

Hi all

I’ve only recently discovered Jekyll, and I’m really excited by the prospect of learning more about it. I’ve been following a tutorial on how to build a basic site, and in the final step I pushed the folder to GitHub and tried to set up a GitHub Pages site to see the basic build/theme etc. Unfortunately, for some reason, when I view the site on GitHub Pages it doesn’t seem to be loading any of the stylesheets, even though they appear to be in the repository. Has anyone come across this problem before and could shed some light on the issue?



Don’t push up the compiled _site folder.

When hosting on GH it’ll build the _site folder for you. So there’s no need to commit it. By pushing it up it’s overwriting what GH generates which is why your stylesheets aren’t working.

If you look at the HTML files in _site all of the asset paths are http://localhost which obviously isn’t going to work on GH. Removing this folder should clear things up for you.

isn’t that what the .gitignore file is for? there’s a line in there where it says it will ignore the _site folder. i’m not sure how to push only selected folders, but thanks for setting me on the right track.

Yes that’s what .gitignore is for, but depending on when you committed _site it might not have taken affect.

You’ll probably have to remove the _site line from .gitignore and commit that change. Then you can remove _site folder, commit that, then add _site back to your ignore.

Otherwise git won’t track that you’re removing that folder from the repo.

OK great, I will try that - thanks! Also one more query though if you don’t mind:
If I remove the _site folder locally, won’t it just get made again when I run jekyll build? Then I’ll have the same problem when I commit again? Sorry if this seems obvious.

Yes that’s correct. If you have your .gitignore setup properly in your repo _site/ will live in your local environment only, not in the git repo pushed up to GitHub.

You don’t want to see /_site in your gh-pages branch up on GitHub.

Only other thing you have to do after that is set baseurl properly since you’re using GH Pages as a project.

baseurl: "/jekyll-two"

That should give you the correct paths to your CSS and other assets.

OK great, thanks so much for your help - much appreciated