Jekyll website behaves like there is no css file

Hello! I have problems whith my Jekyll site. When I run it locally everything is fine, but on my github page looks like this( ), like there is no css file at all. Link to my repo
Does somebody know where are my mistakes?

This is easily the number one issue Jekyll users have. Search through the old posts for some more pointers.

But essentially your layout is looking for, which doesn’t exist. And looking at your repo you have style.scss in folder _assets/scss/ which appears to then use Gulp to build into a style.css file.

You’ll need to have Gulp place that in /css/style.css and then commit to your repo so it can be copied into _site and available for your Jekyll produced HTML to see. Or adjust the paths in your layouts to point to wherever style.css lives perhaps /assets/css/style.css?

I’ve changed the path to " /assets/css/style.css", but it didn’t work. Thanks for the answer! I will check the old posts.

@gitsa_24 I think you did not fully understand the suggestion posted by @mmistakes above.
He asked you to commit the css file generated by Gulp into your repository.
I do not see an assets/css/style.css in your repo…

I noticed it in the repo’s /docs folder. So maybe @gitsa_24 is building the site locally and then committing the contents of _site to GitHub Pages to serve… versus having it build from source.

@gitsa_24 If I change the path in the browser’s web developer tools the styles load. So the combination of having your path correct and the asset being in the properly location are key to getting this to work.

This is more of a HTML issue than something Jekyll did wrong.