CSS not linked with Jekyll theme

Hi folks!

I recently installed and modified a Jekyll theme called “Martin Groeneveld” and pushed it to my Github repository https://github.com/muygalan/blog

The actual blog can be found at https://www.joshuagalan.com/blog, but unfortunately, the CSS doesn’t appear to be linking correctly. It’s been ages since I’ve fiddled around with Jekyll and could really use the guidance to get this set up properly.

P.S. I tried to include additional links, but this website forum limited me to only 2…

And for reference, please visit the theme author’s demo page: https://www.groveld.com for a more accurate representation of how it is supposed to look with the CSS styling.

Looks like you got it fixed by setting the url to the empty string, instead of a relative path:

Unfortunately that did not solve the issue. The CSS and formatting on my current blog url (http://www.joshuagalan.com/blog) should look like the demo blog at https://www.groveld.com/

I looked at it and it doesn’t really make sense to me - there are css references in your default layout that don’t exist on your live site. Seems fishy to me. Not sure what is going on.

If you make a minor text edit on GH does that show on the live site? to see if the site is building ok and to verify that it is really running off that repo?

I am receiving e-mail messages from Github titled:

[muygalan/blog] Run failed: Deploy Jekyll site to GitHub Pages - master (2b805e6)

Run failed for master (2b805e6)

Repository: muygalan/blog
Workflow: Deploy Jekyll site to GitHub Pages
Duration: 4 minutes and 50.0 seconds
Finished: 2020-10-02 00:47:28 UTC

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  • build failed (1 annotation)

I wonder if this provides any further insight into what is happening?

well without it deploying you can’t really tell what is wrong with your css.

I am not familiar with GH actions, you’ll need to sort out why it is failing, it looks like it builds ok but then it errors when it deploys for some reason.

UPDATE: I got in contact with the author of this theme and he also agreed something peculiar was happening on Github. Long story short: he modified his theme a bit to “play nicely” with Github and now the theme is working properly.

Thank you to everyone who replied and especially the author who took time to assist me with this issue.