Having Issues Trying to Update my Github Pages Repo to Latest Jekyll Version

I’ve been trying to get my Pages repo to work with Forestry.io but am having page rebuild errors. I’m assuming this is because my Jekyll version is out of date. I’m kind of a newb coder and I’m unsure how to do this without just blowing up the whole thing and starting over.

Could anyone in here walk me through either updating my current codebase to the newest Jekyll version from where I’m at or just blowing it all up and starting over? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Repo: https://github.com/ryanstraits/ryanstraits.github.io


Hey Ryan,

I could try to help you with the upgrade to the latest version of Jekyll. Let me take a look tomorrow at what the latest Jekyll (3.5.0) complains when builds your repository…

Hopefully, my skills would be enough to get your bits running latest & greatest of Jekyll. :smile:

I think I’ve got it working. There were a few issues that didn’t show up in versions earlier than 3.5.0… It wasn’t difficult just a bit of fiddling here and there (pry gem to the rescue).

I will send you the pull request with the list of changes later today (I’m in PST time zone).

Hope that wil save you some time and frustration :smile:

Already, just sent out the pull request. Let me know what you think. :wink:

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That’s awesome! I am away from my laptop but will check it soon. Appreciate it!

Thanks to @pabloduo for fixing this for me! Here’s a link to the pull request with all the things he fixed to get me current on Jekyll. Hope this is able to help someone else with the same issues: https://github.com/ryanstraits/ryanstraits.github.io/pull/2

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