How do we deal with the backlog of open issues/PR?

Hi all,

Jekyll is one of my favorite ruby projects, I love how simple it is and it fits a lot of my needs for static websites. So I’m kind of sad to see the project lose its momentum when it comes to maintenance and bugfixes.

I wanted to start contributing by looking at the Github issues and PRs, but 90+ of each it’s overwhelming to say the least, and I didn’t want to open yet another PR to add to the stack.

So my question to the community is, what do you think of focusing on triaging the bugfixes/PRs as a first step to get back to a healthy project? I can help out with that

Oh my, indeed! Some PRs are 3 years old. Unfortunately, Ruby is not among my languages. But working on these PRs would be the best way to comment on “Jekyll is dead” :).

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Hi @yboulkaid, there is an active thread that just started a few days ago asking about features for the next release of Jekyll, I suggest you bring this up as a key point in any upgrades.

Here is the link:

Thanks BillRaymond, I saw that thread but this felt like a different issue: one is a wishlist for features, while this is more about the process of managing the contributions. That’s why I decided to keep them separate :blush:

It seems like the principal maintainers today are @mattr and @ashmaroli, maybe they have some input here?