Has Jekyll development stalled?

I’m concerned that Ashwin Maroli, the lead developer working on Jekyll, has not been active lately. It appears that pull requests and issues are not being addressed in a timely fashion. What’s going on?

probably better to ask that on the main jekyll repo as an issue?

I don’t have any insight, seems to me mostly jekyll is in a mature stage where not much is happening. Doesn’t help any that GH doesn’t seem to want to update to jekyll 4 which makes it weird to make any additional changes to it if the main consumer of it isn’t going to update.

There are several posts in here like this, but it is still a worthy static site generator in my opinion, I just wouldn’t really expect any new shinny things to come along, which honestly to me is not a bad thing.


I can’t think of another software project as important and widely adopted as Jekyll that has been completely abandoned by the developer community in such a short period of time. Jekyll is dead. Long live Jekyll.

Could it be that the lead dev is just taking some time off? It does seem there has been changes to the repo 2 days ago on GitHub - jekyll/jekyll: 🌐 Jekyll is a blog-aware static site generator in Ruby

If the project was somehow discontinued I would expect to read stories about it on Hackernews, etc.

This is accurate. There are things that we can do but the maturity of the project is sometimes daunting compared with the amount of time it takes to do them along with the impact to the community should they go wrong somehow.

Seems that way. I haven’t seen or heard from Ashwin in awhile other than one PR approval back in September. I imagine things are simply keeping him busy.