Wikipedia page implies obsolescence

says that the maintainer suggest switching to eleventy.

maybe not the best advertising…

GitHub chose to retain Jekyll version 3.x rather than upgrade to 4.0, released in 2019. In 2021, Jekyll developer Frank Taillandier said that the Jekyll codebase “is in frozen mode and permanent hiatus” and recommended users whose needs are not met by the frozen state of Jekyll move to Eleventy, another static site generator. Frank Taillandier died later in 2021.[7]

jekyll is just a tool - and being as old as it is there are a ton of people using prior versions and I think the powers that be are not interested in rolling out new features as the number of things that would break is probably really high. Not to mention other newer tools can skip all the legacy issues and go straight for something way more advanced.

I for one am fine with this as it is awesome for what it was built to do.

Does that mean I use it for everything? no. I have more react sites now than jekyll sites. I dream of the day Next js stops updating stuff all the time lol. Seriously that is mostly a joke. Mostly.

You could also look at Astro, Next and Hugo.

that wasn’t my point. my point was for someone to correct the “abandoned” impression on wikipedia. jekyll is indeed a nice tool.

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To the right (on desktop version of Wikipedia), it says the latest stable release was 23 days ago, so at least there’s an indication that development hasn’t completely stopped. I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to qualify that paragraph. It’s true that the maintainers aren’t quite as active as before, but Jekyll continues to power millions of websites so it’s hardly abandoned.