Need suggestion for Jekyll Now by BerryClark

Hi jekyll community,first of all i am truly sorry because my english is bad.I will try my best to explain my situation properly to make sure anyone who read this post understand what i am trying to say.

Until now,i still using “Jekyll Now by BerryClark”,the jekyll version that does no need to touch any command line (or i prefer it as portable jekyll).I mean this one :

I love using this version because i can make a blog post only using my smartphone (maybe this is why i call it jekyll portable version).I am using some text editor to edit and push it to github using my phone.

I know this version of “jekyll now” is outdated and the owner also stop updating this project.

So here we go my main question and i need some advice from jekyll community :
-Is there anyone who still using this and manage to update it to make an improvement ?
-Or anyone know some active repo that keep updating this version of jekyll ? ( I mean same like “jekyll now”)
-Or maybe give me some suggestion for updating my config.yaml file.(My config.yaml is still same like the old one)

Thank you for your time.

I use to add content to my site. It even lets you set up yaml front matter, which is quite nice. You can do all this from your browser. I think the pricing is free for a single user.

I am happy to ‘update’ your website. Just give me access to the repo and I will make sure it is working again. I can also do PR’s on your repo if that feels safer to you.

What is the problem? The config.yaml update?

All I can say is: