Tips for Quicker Posting

I’m eventually going to figure out how to post to my site with dropbox, but in the meantime i’m wondering if anyone has any tips for creating posts a little faster in a regular installation?

Part of what’s slowing me down is writing the date in the file, and then taking care of the frontmatter. If it’s possible, maybe Sublime Text can auto-generate the date part, and if my posts are inside a certain folder then all the frontmatter can be automatically appended?

RE: front matter by folder. Jekyll has a feature where you can set front matter defaults for files based on their path.

RE: Sublime Text + Jekyll, there’s a package you can install that might help speed up creating new posts.

Great stuff here, thank you :+1:

If you use Atom, the Jekyll plugin has your back:

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This is neat, thanks for the tip.