Existing Jekyll Site / FrontMatter

I inherited an existing Jekyll site that has been in git
What we have been doing is just editing the files needed; config.yml, _content, _data/sections.yml . etc
Then pushing to git for the refresh to occur
The problem is the classes: wide in the frontmatter is not being processed in the .md files under the _content directory. We want to remove all the whitespace on the right hand side and use the full window.

Are we doing this all wrong? Should we be importing the site into a local Jekyll development area? If so, can someone point me to how to basically import an existing site to modify the layouts / templates?


Hi. It is perfectly fine to edit a Jekyll site in Github without editing or running locally.

Can you make sure that _content is added as content in your config files collections item as covered here.

Also make sure you have frontmatter as triple hyphen before and after the data.

Can you share some code samples or a link? What do you actually see, when you say it is not processed.

Perhaps you need to ensure that you use the classes value in a layout file and that the layout file can handle the CSS part depending on the value of the data item.
Also if everything in the content folder needs the same treatment then maybe you don’t need the item in each but can apply then logic fixed in a layout. Maybe you need two layouts. I don’t have enough info here.