Hello World example does not work

I’m trying to learn Jekyll, so I am following along with the Hello World example.
When I add the front matter and liquid tags, Jekyll no longer builds my site.
Instead, in the _site folder, I see the default index.html with “Your awesome title” and all the default content.

Why can’t I add my own front matter in my index.html?
I have Jekyll serve running, and as soon as I add front matter, my page is gone and we’re back to Your awesome title"

Not so awesome, Jekyll.

Edit: I found that the index.markdown file which came with the project should be deleted if I wanted my own front matter in my index.html file.

This was not mentioned in the tutorial. I suggest that this information be added.

I think the tutorial expectation was you would edit the existing index file and not try and add have two index pages.

Also markdown is far more common for jekyll pages than .html

@TerminalAddict 1970 or 1907?

Thanks for sharing. Though using linux, node and SCSS is probably beyond the scope of the average beginner who is probably on windows or mac

So I’d recommend following using the jekyll docs quickstart here. Under requirements it covers installing Ruby for each OS