My site is building files that don't have front matter

Hey all, my site is building files that i haven’t marked for inclusion with front matter. Is something wrong with my config? Here’s an exmaple of what I’m talking about.

$ bundle exec jekyll -v
jekyll 3.7.3

$ bundle exec jekyll doctor
Configuration file: /home/esauer/src/
Your test results are in. Everything looks fine.

$ cat README.adoc 
=  <-- No front matter, shouldn't build right?

$ bundle exec jekyll build
$ ls _site/ | grep README

Jekyll will process all pages NOT listed in the exclude list in _config.yml (docs). It’s why, for example, you can add a robots.txt file and it gets included in the build of your site - no need for front matter.

Front matter is really just a reminder for Jekyll to process any Liquid templating code contained in the page.

Are you using any plugins? There might be a plugin that’s converting the .adoc file to html.

If you want to exclude your README from the built site, just list it in _config.yml using the exclude feature.

Thank you! that worked for me.

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