Can't edit index.html file

I’m completely new to jekyll and I’m trying to follow some guides on youtube. However, I’ve encountered a problem and I can’t find any solutions on google. I’ve setup my local server and I get to the default “welcome to jekyll” page. The problem is that I’ve added a index.html file (not in any map) but the changes I do doesn’t show up, instead the default jekyll page is shown. So the index.html I’ve created doesn’t not end up in _site folder but instead jekyll generates it own index.html.

I’m using jekyll 3.6.2.

I hope I’ve made my self clear,
Thanks, Oliver

there is probably also an file - one is over writing the other.

Yes, there is. I don’t really know what the md file is. But this is what is the -

# You don’t need to edit this file, it’s empty on purpose.
# Edit theme’s home layout instead if you wanna make some changes
# See:
layout: home

So how can I change this do my index.html?

you can delete it and then your index file will be used, or try editing the md file. Depends on what you are trying to do.

If you are doing the default jekyll new site, I believe it is using a gem theme which hides a lot of stuff from you, make sure you read everything on that link.

I have not watched the latest video serious made by giraffe academy but have you seen them? they look new so they may be more helpful than some of the older stufff - though some of those are excellent.

I will test deleting it and read up on the md file. Yeah there is a theme hiding stuff (I’ve read), but I will check the videos. Thank you!

You can also look at the getting started page of a site I created for beginners with Jekyll: