Github pages just shows default index.html

When I build my Jekyll site locally it displays fine; if I upload it to GitHub pages then it will always show the default index.html and shows none of my changes. I have tried adding the baseurl but it does not change anything. Any help would be appreciated.

is there a repo to look at?

do you have more than one index page? sometimes people have index.html and, one will overwrite the other.

When working locally you sure you weren’t modifying the files in the _site folder?

The repo is
There is an index.html in the _site folder which is the one I modified and there is an at the root; I have not touched the

That’s your problem. Don’t modify files in _site. Those will just get overwritten when Jekyll builds your site.

  1. Don’t commit _site in your git repo. You’ll want to .gitignore that entire folder.
  2. Make your changes to in the root of your project and commit that. When you push it up to GitHub it will rebuild your site.
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