N00b help please

Help! New to Jekyll. When I create a new Jekyll directory, I’m missing the _includes folder, the _layouts, _sass, css, and most importantly, missing the index.html file. I only have _config.yml, _posts, a 404.html, index.md, and a Gemfile.
I’m running Jekyll 3.6.2, with Ruby 2.4 installed.

Any advice on what I’m doing wrong is appreciated.

30 AM
This is a screenshot of the folder that’s created when I make a new directory:

that is normal as the default site uses a gem based theme.


Ah ok - so I can copy those files into my newly created directory.

My advice would be to start without a gem based theme. I know the documentation says differently, but trust me… it helps a lot in understanding the basics. Having invisible code (the gem based theme) does not help at the beginning. I have created a ‘getting started guide’ for Jekyll at jekyllcodex.org that might help you too. Good luck!