Importing fastpages from github to gitlab

Hey All,

I am very new to Jekyll, and I intend to host a site locally and remotely served as a personal diary hosted on gitlab private repo. The original template has limited options, so I started to import the recent fastpages template into local repo. After downloading from: into ~/diary I have commented - jekyll-github-metadata and instead replaced it with - jekyll-gitlab-metadata.

Now, after adding a few files into _posts I still see the old page after running jekyll locally “bundle exec jekyll server”. However, as soon as making some changes into _post (just cut and paste) the new changes appears.

I am using jekyll 3.8.6 and here is a full list of plugins:

  • jekyll-gitlab-metadata
  • jekyll-feed
  • jekyll-gist
  • jekyll-octicons
  • jekyll-toc
  • jekyll-twitter-plugin
  • jekyll-relative-links
  • jekyll-seo-tag


I am not sure is it a bug or something but running local server with “bundle exec jekyll server” or “docker-compose down || true” or when I just change files when jekyll is running I get different page layout and content!