Build Time Jumps Excessively

Hi Everybody,

I have a GitHub Page that used to take a few minutes to build, but then after this Pull Request adding just a few files, the build time has ballooned. Locally it now takes an hour to build, and on GitHub… well, it just times out. :sob:

Any ideas why this straw broke the camel’s back? Did I do something wrong?

Thanks for your help.

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Ah! I had a hunch it might have been the wildcard (* aka: Glob Pattern) entries in the _config.yml FrontMatter defaults. Not using that feature and setting the values manually did the trick to bring my build times back down to sanity.

I guess this can be a note to the dev team, in case this performance problem hasn’t been addressed yet (I realize GitHub Pages’ Jekyll version is a bit behind master) or in case some future GitHub Pages user runs into this issue, perhaps Google will point them here :slight_smile: Cheers everyone :clinking_glasses:

Hi yes this in a known issue.

I have red about it here in red.

I also experienced this myself. I use frontmatter values explicitly in files to avoid a glob.

In my case I needed to do **/ to match zero or more folders. If you use a more precise rule like /foo/*/ you might be okay. Where a single star means one directly level. And it is narrowed to in foo rather than all top level directories.

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