"Posts" folder was not created — instead: a "year" folder?

Hi guys,

mabey someone can help a rookie…

the folder _site>posts is not created, instead jekyll creates a folder _site>2019

Thanks a lot !

well, that is not a lot of info to go on, sounds like the permalink is set to the year?

what is in your config file? do the individual pages have a permalink in the front matter?

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Hi rdyar,

yeah man.

The “post” folder wasn’t created from jekyll.
What jekyll created was a year folder.

it’s now

|_ 08

istead of

|_ 2019
|_ 08

Front Matter:

layout: post
title: “My fist Project”
image: featured-image.jpg

pretty sure that is the default permalink - assuming you are not using categories. It is not going to start with /posts.