Jekyll Atom Package

I wrote a package a couple of years ago now for Atom which adds a few features to help with jekyll site development.

  • New Post Modal - Takes a title and turns into a new post with the default front matter. Can be configured with a list of post directories.
  • Key bindings to:
  • Open the page/posts layout.
  • Open the data file from the cursors current tag.
  • Open the include for the cursors current tag.
  • HTTP Server to host your _site folder with build on save of any file.
  • Build on save for you to serve your content through another system.
  • Loads of snippets.

It has recently been updated to meet some of the new Atom standards and I use it on a daily basis so development is still on going.

Package Details:

Any issues/ideas don’t hesitate to open a issue or PR on GitHub.