Add Post generator to custom website

So I’ve just set up a jekyll site with

But I ask myself, is it possible to create a post generator. Like in the standart jekyll site, where you just need to create new markdown file and jekyll generates it.

NOTE: I’m an amateur to html and css

“…where you just need to create new markdown file and jekyll generates it.”

That’s exactly what Jekyll does. Are you using Github-pages? If yes, as far as I know, whenever you push a new markdown file jekyll will build your site again (and generate it). Or did I misunderstand what your problem is?

Oh sorry for not replying faster. Yes, I know that jekyll does this. But since the theme, multiverse jekyll theme is from HTML5 UP and just converted to jekyll withouth the markdown feature.

My question was, which doesn’t seem to be correctly written in the post: Is it possible to include the original markdown jekyll to custom non original-jekyll-sites.
In other words, have the feature to create posts via markdown file in a site like Multiverse HTML Site. So one markdown file equals block with picture.

No worries, and sorry for misunderstanding your issue.

Yes, it is possible, but looking at the link provided by you it seems that it is not implemented yet by the author.

If you know your way, consider forking, implementing and making a pull request back. If you don’t know how to do it you might consider to go for it and learn in the process, create an issue (feature request) or just wait.

…and I might just be wrong and misunderstanding the code or your questions.