Problem Building Jekyll

Dear All

I’ve forked so many Jekyll repository and there are good without any problem. But when I forked this repository, I got an error:

I’ve read the information here:

But I can’t found what’s the problem. Also I reached the author / developer and there’s no answer. Can you help me to fork that repo to find the cause an error and try to fix it?


what is the error you get? can you paste the whole output when you try to build?

Your site is having problems building: A file was included in /_layouts/default.html that is a symlink or does not exist in your _includes directory.

I search the file one by one to find the cause an error but I can’t get it. I don’t face this issue with another Jekyll fork.

Try running jekyll build --verbose and maybe it will show something more obvious.

it is using a layout to compress the html - while a neat idea I had trouble with that when I played with it, I would try disabling that in the default layout front matter - just remove it and see if it helps.

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Thanks for suggestion.