File is a symlink error in github pages, but the included file is in _includes

Full error:

Your site is having problems building: A file was included in Portfolio/_posts/ that is a symlink or does not exist in your _includes directory.

I have checked the only includes in are:
{% include github-star.html content=“argument” %}

Removing these includes removes the error. However, github-star is included in the _includes folder.

The repo is here: GitHub - JPBotelho/

Any ideas?

The only interaction github-star has with liquid is using {{ include.content }} to collect the argument given by the post.

Removing the content and just using {include url} results in the same error.

I believe i fixed the symlink error. The content of my website was inside a folder named Portfolio. Jekyll was probably looking for its files in the root of the repository, while they were inside that folder. Changing the root folder in github page’s settings fixed this. The page is still completely broken, but at least it builds properly.