Changes in includes folder result in symlink missing error while

I have made some changes to includes folder . And after that jekyll serve does not work and the process fails with the error

Could not locate the included file ‘somefolder/someHtmlFile.html’ in any of [“E:/coding-practice/jekyll-test/_includes”]. Ensure it exists in one of those directories and, if it is a symlink, does not point outside your site source.

Everything was ok until I deleting a include file because I no longer needed it and not jekyll serve throws me the error. Please help

this is my repo GitHub - noormohammedk/jekyll-test: testing jekyll for the first time

A clone of your repo build/served fine. I don’t see a Liquid include for somefolder/someHtmlFile.html anywhere in the source. You might want to compare your local copy with the repo to see what changed.

Hi Chuck

I was able to resolve it after I posted this request. The problem was that I had deleted the html from includes folder however in the index.html page I was still rendering it. Once I deleted that jekyll served like a charm. A million thanks for checking.

I have another issue now can you please check my scss is not compiling to css anymore. It throwing out the the same scss file. It was working fine till today after the previous issue resolved this problem started. If you can check and share some input that will be awesome.

This is my project structure

The problem is that Jekyll only processes files with Liquid front-matter. The SCSS file has a damaged front-matter (missing new-line after first triple dash), so it is not processed. Here’s what it should look like:

# Empty frontmatter for SCSS

... SCSS ....

Thanks alot for the help. It took sometime but finally figured out that my code editor was formatting that front matter and was chopping off the white space between the lines. Thanks a lot for checking. You are amazing.!

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