Multiple beginner page issues

I just installed Jekyll and I’m still working through the template. I had a basic framework that was working on localhost. However, when I pushed it to Git the layout wouldn’t work. I corrected the YAML to include my page URL but, the issue persisted. I tried applying a theme from Github. But, it still doesn’t work.

Would anyone be able to help me figure this out?

I’ve attached my Git Repo and Launch URL below:

not sure what all is going on, but you should:

set the baseurl to: /HoustonBovaCV

looks like you set the url already.

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you might also try deleting the gemfile and gemfile.lock

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also, I would put something on the index page - depending on your locale the post could be in the future? try changing the date on one of them to the 20th instead of 21st just to make sure.

ah - I think part of the problem is that theme does not have a home layout, it should be default I think - so change the layout on the index page to default and see what happens.

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I made the update to the url and then changed the layout to default. Nothing happened after either of those changes. When I deleted the gemfiles it now displays text on the home page however, it is clearly not formatted.

Also apologies in advance, I mostly use python for data tasks so ruby HTML and css I’m not particularly proficient in.

you have the baseurl as url - the baseurl should be /HoustonBovaCV

Where do you mean? in config.yml? On my end it is showing as /HoustonBovaCV

yes, in config, your baseurl is not set:

baseurl: "" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog

Oh man! I can’t believe I didn’t see that! Thank you so much!! I switched it back to minima as well since the layout is much more preferable with the way I have things configured. Do you have any resources you would recommend for further customizing my page?

Also, I’m noticing it’s not displaying the blog posts the way it did before. Now the middle section just shows empty.

Disregard second half. I switched index layout back to home and that corrected it.

I’ve updated my A and CNAME files. For some reason it still redirects to but only on computer and only on google chrome. Chrome on my phone works fine as does safari on both. The new url is EDIT: Cleared my cache. This issue is now resolved.

I was hoping to change the About button into 2 buttons with the same format. One My Story and one My Mission. I was also hoping to Change the text that says Posts so it would say Projects. Any advice on where to start looking for that?

the theme has control of those things, and the theme you are using is sort of hiding the layout files in its own folder.

I am not of a fan of this and would always recommend using a theme that is actually part of your repo - where all of the theme files are visible - note that you can do this more or less with the theme you are using, read the link above.

I think the About page text is the title - so if you edit the title of the about page I think the link will change. I think you can add another md page for My Story and it will show up as a link there as well. But if so keep in mind that any new file will show there, not sure if you can exclude them easily.

Thanks so much for all of the help. I guess I’m going to have to take my time with this. HTML and CSS are still pretty foreign to me. For working with this would you recommend learning Ruby / Ruby on Rails? Or is it not really necessary?

don’t bother with ruby, that is just the language jekyll is written in, so unless you plan to make plugins or work on the jekyll core you will not use it.

CSS and HTML and Liquid are what you need to know.