Jekyll and GitHub layout issues

I’ve had my blog on github for a Jekyll. Out of nowhere, when I drill into a post, the formatting of the post is not right.

Any suggestions on what to tweak to get it back to it’s defaults?

I think this issue explains the problem and solution. Basically baseurl is always the empty string on Github, so all URLs in head.html need to be absolute:

Thank you, this solved some of the issues. I’m a noob in this space, is there a script, migration or a way to update my existing blog that fixes this?

The issue I mentioned references Parker’s post that gives a good explanation of how baseurl and url work (note that the post predates the relative_url/absolue_url filters).

To fix your site, you should set basurl to the empty string in _config.yml:

baseurl: ''

Then change all your site-relative-path-relative URLs to site-relative-path-absolute URLs (and optionally switch to relative_url). For example:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ "css/main.css" | prepend: site.baseurl }}">


<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ "/css/main.css" | relative_url }}">

Note that you are not required to use baseurl and relative_url – it is only there to help when you need to move a site to a different location (e.g. from to For a site at the root, relative_url will always be a no-op.

For RSS feeds, you should use absolute URL everywhere (generated with absolute_url). Be sure to test any changes with the RSS Feed Validator.

Looking more closely, it appears your blog uses a copy of the Jekyll-Uno theme from 2016.

Unfortunately, at that time the Uno theme had a bug in its baseurl setup. The bug (issue #56) was found and fixed in August by this commit:

You could probably cherry-pick that commit or better, merge all the changes from the last year so that your theme is up to date.

Thank you for tracking that down.