Absolute_url bug

It is working on local fine, but when i publish it on github it is not working.

<a class="navbar-brand" href="{{ '' | absolute_url }}">{{ site.title }}</a>

it gives us site url under local host, but on github it gives page url. my blog is omercece.com, you can check it out. I use latest version of jekyll


absolute_url combines site.url and site.baseurl with the path (the empty string in this case). Is it possible that url is not set in _config.yml? Setting url is required for absolute_url to work.

Note that the path should not be the empty string, but instead the root path: ‘/’ since you want a link to the root of your site.

Additionally, I think it is unnecessary to use absolute_url, since relative_url will work just fine (the browser will supply the rest of the URL). The absolute_url filter is only needed in special cases, like displaying a human-readable absolute URL, etc.

I’m new on Jekyll, i’ve seen this "url-pretty: “omercece.com” in _config then though it is the right place. thanks.

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