Site not displaying correctly in gh-pages

I have recently pushed a local Jekyll project to a GitHub repository in order to view my site in GitHub pages. Unfortunately, for some, reason, the site is not displaying correctly. I posted something similar recently, but that was due to me accidentally uploading the _site folder. The issue this time appears to be something different. The homepage is displaying more or less correctly, except for the styling on the site title in the top-left corner. The main issue, though, is that none of the page links are working - it just returns a 404 error. As far as I can tell, the permalink matches the URL as it does when I deploy the site locally, but it’s not working on gh-pages. If anyone has had this problem or could shed some light on this, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

you baseurl in the config file has a period in it - remove that and see if it works.

I think it should be baseurl: "/eulergy"

I added that in after the initial commit because I saw it written on stack overflow to fix a display issue on GitHub pages. I just tried taking it out and it hasn’t made any difference, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Thank you though.

Looks like you probably just need to add the relative_url filter to your links.

For example, in your header.html:

<li class="link-item"><a href="{{ item.url }}">{{ item.title }}</a></li>

should be

<li class="link-item"><a href="{{ item.url | relative_url }}">{{ item.title }}</a></li>

Here are the relevant docs:

you have to do both - set the baseurl and then either use relative url or something else to prepend the baseurl on ALL your links, including css/js.

In your boilerplate layout you have:
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="./assets/style.css" />

that won’t work with baseurl.

you need to do what ckrus said above.

See also:

Lots of Jekyll repos to view there code here is mine view my files and how they are built.

Go to my includes directory and view head.html and scripts.html

Alot of things you will want to know about Jekyll in in my repo code

if using gihub pages then your url should be
url: this is your url

mine below with a custom domain at my repo
url : “
baseurl : “”
repository : “donaldboulton/DWB”

Thanks for the all the responses - much appreciated. So, I removed the periods from the links and the baseurl, then piped the relative_url filter to the links as suggested. My site then just displayed in plain HTML. I added the periods again, and now my homepage displays correctly, but when you follow any of the links, the page displays again in plain HTML. Both my layouts (home and custom) use the same HTML boilerplate, so I don’t understand why one is working and the other one is not. What am I missing here?