[SOLVED] Layout not applying to Individual posts only


What is happening is I cloned the template starter site and followed the directions on the guide and it appears that the site looks great! I’m using Github Pages option with remote_theme: "mmistakes/minimal-mistakes@4.16.4" in my _config.yml and, like I said, the site looks awesome!

But I have one issue… When you click on any one of my posts, they go to a basic page with no formatting or anything. Code blocks, links, ect. still render correctly but the page is completely blank otherwise. I’m fairly certain this has to do with layout: single in my front matter, but I don’t know enough about Jekyll to troubleshoot any further. I have spent at least two hours trying different things but it won’t render the posts correctly.

Any help will be appreciated , thanks!

Disregard, this is fixed! I’m not sure what I did to fix, but I do know I installed Jekyll locally using WSL and ran bundle like the quickstart guide says and made sure to add gem 'jekyll-include-cache' to Gemfile AND to my _config.yml for this to work. After adding that line I did bundle update or maybe bundle install and then once the site was serving locally, I just did one more push to github and it’s working now.