Theme "jekyll-theme-chirpy" - Not working

Hi, I need some help - I’m facing an issue with my website ( using the Jekyll theme called “jekyll-theme-chirpy”. When I click on a topic, instead of displaying the expected content from the theme, the page turns completely white. It used to work and now stop working - I have checked “_config.yml” but can see anything out of order.

I will appreciate all the help


When I click on a topic/post, I see a plain HTML page without any layout (no header, sidebar, footer, styling, etc). Maybe check that the layout for topics/posts is set up correctly and the layout exists.

I installed the theme locally on my computer, and it displayed fine. Is it your url and baseurl settings in _config.yml?

For example, just looking at your site, without seeing the code, the settings would be:


url: ""
baseurl: ""

I did notice that when I use the theme out of the box, the posts are in the _posts folder and when I open the url, it looks something like this:

However, when I select one of your posts, the url looks like the following, where the posts url is not shown:

If you cannot share your repo, please explain how you created your folder structure for posts and any tailoring you may have done within your _config.yml file. Also, maybe share the actual filename you used for a post.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your help.


Thanks again.

Two weeks ago, you changed the path for page/post defaults from "" to "assets/img". Now instead of applying to all paths, the defaults only apply to pages under /asserts/img. Reverting that change should help:

Hey Chuck,

Thanks for the help. I managed to fix the issue. you were correct, but i just need to delete assets/img.

Thanks again mate.

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