New self hosted site build not rendering as expected

I have been using Jekyll with Chirpy theme for a while now and I decidec to build a new site on a Proxmox CT.
I have it working but the site is not rendering as I would expect, see the image below.

As you can see not all is as it should be.
I have tried for a few days now and have been unable to work it out.
Anyone have an idea where I should start?



for those of us who have no idea what it is supposed to look like can you give an example of what is wrong?

most common thing is some file not loading properly, have you opened up the browser devtools and checked the console to tab to see if there are any errors?

devtools = right click on the webpage anywhere and choose Inspect and then look for the console tab to see any potential path errors.

a link to the live site would help too.

well actually the theme is indicated in the screenshot actually; and I have used the chirpy theme before. here’s what it should look like:

given that the left nav menu has bullet points and top breadcrumb bar isn’t horizontal it sorta would appear that the css file isn’t being rendered correctly this would be the file at /assets/css/jekyll-theme-chirpy.css

but that’s not a file you would typically have in a brand new project unless you’re the theme creator … so I wonder if you copied the theme’s files to your project?

basically I think it comes down to that your Gemfile doesn’t have the line gem "jekyll-theme-chirpy" under the line gem "jekyll"

here’s kinda what that file should look like:

here’s the official instructions for that theme: Getting Started | Chirpy

you should also be able to clone this GitHub repo and start your site from scratch: GitHub - cotes2020/chirpy-starter: The startup template for Chirpy

also, I should file a bug report because the author really should have gem "jekyll" and gem "webrick" as I had issues getting it to work on my macinpoop.

another issue could be that you dont have the theme installed globally on your system, which could be a symptom of a thousand different causes… your best bet is to clone the chirpy-starter repo locally and you should be good to go … but try performing a bundle install in your site’s root directory

Thanks @digitigradeit your comments were on point.
I have started again and now have different issues that I will work through.
The new issues are, no posts showing up in the home page, only the Home link in the left menu etc…
What is working is search and tags. I can search and find the posts, they are just not showing up in the home page.
I’m just a hack trying to learn as I go, so I’ll keep at it.