Theme not loading at all

Hi, I’ve been making a Statuspage theme for Jekyll, and it was working fine. I built the gem and tried to use it, but it loads a blank page. Any ideas? I’m a Jekyll novice.

Hi. I made a quickstart theme project using the CLI.

I can recommend my instructions there.

I see you use remote theme but you have commented out of your config. So turn that back on plus also use remote theme in your plugins list as per my doc.

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I see you’re not hosting on GH pages so don’t need to use remote theme then.

Your _site directory is meant to be unversioned but anyway it looks like there is a content in there. So when you say your page is blank, have a look at the HTML in your IDE or browser locally and also on the HTML source on the built site and track down exactly what is and isn’t there and in which environment. Is your page content missing or the theme’s styling?

And then try some more avenues. What happens if you serve a jekyll site in theme repo itself?

What happens in your starter repo if you add a custom default layout override or replace the theme with minima? Get to a working state where you have more control and then work back to your ideal state

Related to my comment above:

Then my second habit is to reduce the parameters and context of the problem to an extreme level. In a methodical way, I remove the complexity of my problem to arrive in a simple context that works. Finally, I put back parameters one by one until it crashes. When it crashes, I find the culprit, I fix the bug and I don’t insult anyone.

Thanks for your help @MichaelCurrin, I’ll try your ideas out and I’ll post here if I have any more questions or if I solve the problem!

Theme serves from url, even when baseurl specified

Thanks. I added a comment on your bug issue to help