Plugin: jekyll-remote-theme

Ben Balter just released a 0.1.0 version of a gem that allows users to specify a GitHub hosted theme as remote theme.

Theme developers are encouraged to send some feedback.

/cc @mmistakes @DavidDarnes


Thanks very much for letting us know!

Nice! Will test and report back any issues or feedback.

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Posted my findings here incase anyone wants to tag on their testing results cc @mmistakes

I had the same experience as you with Jekyll plugins that are declared as dependencies in the theme’s gempsec… had to add them to the Gemfile and plugins array in _config.yml manually.

Probably won’t be an issue if/when the Jekyll remote theme plugin is supported on GitHub Pages since that gem will pull in dependencies like Jekyll-seo-tag, sitemap, feed, paginate, etc.

I guess the only issue would be for theme gems using non-whitelisted gems in non-GitHub Pages environments.

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The plugin is now in beta on GitHub Pages :confetti_ball:

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Works like a charm!

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Did you try changing the locale of the test site?
(just wondering, how the remote-theme plugin works with non-whitelisted plugins (e.g. jekyll-data))

Yes tried it two ways locally, both fell back to the default English locale texts.

Since with jekyll-remote-theme you aren’t really using the gem version of MM it’s not installing any of its dependencies. So none of the bundled _data files are used and it falls back to the default values in the theme layouts.

I also tried adding gem "jekyll-data" to the local Gemfile, and as expected it’s ignored by GitHub Pages.

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