Using the Academic theme

I’ve been trying to a personal website set up using the Academic theme. I have no problems when hosting locally, but GitHub refuses to give me anything other than a 404 error. I get a build error stating GitHub doesn’t support the theme, but as far as I know doesn’t GitHub support any community theme if I use the remote-theme tag in my config file?

Any help would be appreciated.

Possibly a typo? The configuration field for a remote theme is remote_theme, not remote-theme (note underscore vs hyphen). It should be something like:

remote_theme: gaalcaras/academic
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Please provide a link or code snippets.

I have an example here of a tutorial and a working site that uses Remote Theme plugin on GitHub Pages.

Hey there,

Your answer indirectly helped me solve my issues. When I pushed my code onto GitHub, it had the remote_theme plugin in the config file and the academic plugin in my Gemfile. However those got removed during the push somehow.

I simply added them back by editing the files on GitHub and everything was good.

Thank you so much!