Help installing jekyll theme on github pages


This will probably end up being something really simple but i have been trying to just copy a repository called basically basic and displaying what they display on github pages.

here is the theme i am trying to use.

and here is what it is supposed to look like

(due to new user limitations i cannot post this url but it is easily found from the project page)

Finally here is my copy of the project

When i run this project locally (using bundle exec jekyll serve) the theme works perfectly. Finally I set the entry point for the theme to be /docs

Sorry for such a simple question but i have been on this for like hours now and have no idea why it wont work.



Don’t copy the repo. You’ll want to follow these instructions to install the theme as a remote_theme, which is compatible with GitHub Pages.

  1. Replace gem "jekyll" with:

    gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins
  2. Run bundle update and verify that all gems install properly.

  3. Add remote_theme: "mmistakes/jekyll-theme-basically-basic" to your
    _config.yml file. Remove any other theme: or remote_theme: entries.

Looks like by you copying the theme’s repo you kept all of it’s configurations which is why most of the links and styling are broken. I wouldn’t be surprised if baseurl: is improperly set as well which tends to break paths to CSS/JS.

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