Jekyll theme works locally but not with Github Pages

I have got separate repos for my site and the theme. When I access my site’s url, it renders empty.

URL: linuxdevspace.github .io/blog
(sorry I’m not able to add no more than two links thus the space before .io)

linuxdevspace/jekyll-theme-linuxdev [theme]


source ""

linuxdevspace/blog [blog]


gem "jekyll-theme-linuxdev", :github => "linuxdevspace/jekyll-theme-linuxdev"


baseurl: "/blog"
theme: jekyll-theme-linuxdev

I also tried setting up, travis-ci to check whether there are any errors. But it builds fine. If I change the theme, so for example as below, GitHub pages do render.

gem "minima", "~> 2.0", :github => "jekyll/minima"
// in _config.yml
theme: minima 

So I guess it is something to do with my theme. Your help is really appreciated :slight_smile:

The problem is GitHub Pages doesn’t currently support 3rd party theme gems. Similar to how they don’t allow Jekyll plugins (except for a few that have been whitelisted). So instead of pushing commits to GH and having it build your site, you need to build it locally and push the contents of your _site folder. … A lot of people use CI services like Travis to build their site and deploy to GH.

Ohh, didn’t knew that we can’t use third party theme gems :hushed: GitHub pages aren’t that clear though.

I’ll try pushing the generated _site content to GitHub to see if it works.

If you don’t want Travis to build your site and avoid any over-engineering, I would suggest you link your GutHub repo to Netlify or use GitLab Pages who does authorize custom plugins.