Github-pages compatible Jekyll theme not building correctly

Hi. I just cloned a Jekyll theme (with a demo running smoothly on Github Pages), customized it and after enabling the Github Pages option, Github built the site without the style.

I noticed that for some reason Github points my repo has SCSS, which the original one doesn’t.

Any help would be well appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Firstly make sure your repo name is the same as the original repo and the value in the config.

baseurl: /jekyll-theme-memoirs

As that will be used to build URLs



Your sentence on points to SCSS doesnt make sense. Can you rephrase and provide a link to your repo?

Looking at the Gemfile of the theme, it used bootstrap, which is not supported on GitHub Pages.

Here are supported gems.

I have a site here for running GH Actions so you can use bootstrap etc. as a gem

I would also recommend against forking, cloning or downloading a theme. Unless you intend to make your own theme or contribute to the theme.

A much lighter pattern is provided by Jekyll. Choose a theme in the config and then add content and style overrides.

In the case of themes not the in standard themes you can use Remote Theme plugin as I do here.

This fixed it. Thank you so much. I will consider your other suggestions as I get more experience in Jekyll and Github.

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Great to hear.

BTW Jekyll docs have a section on installing a theme Themes | Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites