Jekyll not working on GitHub Pages

I’m having trouble getting Jekyll to work properly on GitHub Pages. When I try to deploy my repository, all I see on the page is --- layout: home --- on a white background, and it appears to be ignoring all of the other files in the repository. I have already checked my code and configuration settings, but I’m not sure what could be causing this issue.

Here is a link to my repository: Actions · ny000815/yoshiakiblog-jekyll · GitHub

The repository I cloned is: GitHub - StartBootstrap/startbootstrap-clean-blog-jekyll: A Jekyll version of the Clean Blog theme by Start Bootstrap

Any suggestions on how to resolve this problem would be greatly appreciated.

where did you get the .nojekyll file that is in the root? that disables jekyll from running on GH pages.

You also have a package.json file which makes me think the site is built via node which GH pages is not going to work with.

Are you running the site locally? if so, what command are you typing out?

maybe just try it without the .nojekyll file.

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