Webpage not rendering correctly

I am very new web development. I downloaded one of the themes (http://jekyllthemes.org/themes/hydeout/) and modified it to build a webpage for CV.

However, on first launch it won’t render properly.

However, if I have slightly modify the index.html so that the jekyll engine does the rendering again then the webpage is formatted/rendered correctly similar to hydeout layout (as a first time user I am not allowed to upload to images) in a post.

How do I go about debugging. I can uploade log files, etc. if needed.


Here is the corrected rendering:

so once it is correct does it stay that way? Is it only incorrect the first time you do jekyll serve? what if you just refresh the page via the browser? sort of sounds like some sort of cache issue.

Best debugging is always the inspector in chrome or FF - right click on the page and go to Inspect and then check the console tab for errors.

Thanks for taking a look. It happens just the first time after launching jekyll server. The need to fix this is because on github only the incorrect version get rendered.

I don’t see anything in the console window of inspector.

can you post the link to it on GH? both the repo and the site?

most of the css problems on GH are baseurl related.

The github url: https://github.com/rishus/rishus.github.io

The landing page: https://rishus.github.io/

in assets/css you have both a main.css and a main.scss - that is bad. The main.scss file should compile into the site folder as main.css. Since there will end up being 2 files in there one is over writing the other.

I would delete the one named main.css and see if it works.

there is a 3rd one in there too, I would delete it as well.

I removed main.scss (along with the temp file). I don’t see any changes in the view.
Is their a log file of the server that has the error message. Could the html of the two views tells what is happening.

I think that is the wrong one - I think you want main.scss not the other one. An .scss file is a SASS file, it is importing all the things in the sass folder, converting them to normal css and then creating the final main.css file in the site folder.

That fixed it. Thank you for pulling me out of this quandry. I will look at the docs once more to grab the basics. Thank you so much.