Advice needed - just finished jekyll/HTML5 UP work but not displaying OK when on external hosting


I just finished my jekyll/HTML5 UP presentation (for my own "business). Everything is fine on local development machine (OSX). I did “jekyll build” and then I tool everything from “_site” and placed it to my hosting via FTP.

Destination location is at

The problem is that so nice layout that is on development machine is gone once online.

Any suggestion what I need to configure in order to get working layout/theme once out from dev?

Thank you

I guessing its the baseurl stuff for your css… Just wondering tho if you’ve tried pushing to a GitHub account at all…

That would give peep a chance to see your code and maybe look at where/what might be the problem.

Hi Sparky,

Not tried to GitHub yet - as I pay for my personal hosting so I’d like to use it - but yes, will do once no other way. I’m guessing if the problem isn’t also linked with the fact that I didn’t placed “_site content” to the root of the hosting site - but cannot believe it as it shouldn’t be dependant…


My first suggestion would definitely be a git hub account tbh… I paid for all my hosting before Git hub with several Godaddy accounts…

Now I just pay annually for domain renewal using cname as my sites don’t need databases or php etc… tnx Git hub :slight_smile:

To help tho with this people really need to see some source code for your site - hence GitHub… give it a go, you’ll have a site up in ten mins after creating an account.

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if you are going to host in a sub folder rather than the root you need to use baseurl - your site is looking for the css in /assets/css/main.css when it is really at /havlicek/assets/css/main.css

In the config you should use baseurl: /havlicek and then prepend all your urls with {{site.baseurl}}. That or just manually prepend all your urls with /havlicek.

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YES, exactly I was thinking about this tweak - thank you. I tested the full site on root and everything is working as expected - except images - and I see “localhost” in generated html. So, not using correct path is the root cause. Actual semi-working solution is at

Solved, great theme BTW, thanks to Jekyll integration: Andrew Banchich.

if you see localhost anywhere in the production site it is probably because you used jekyll serve - you should use jekyll build when going to production. Serve will sometimes use localhost as it is trying to make your life easier for local dev.

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YES, exactly, thank you. I used serve and Today morning I just did a proper build - and voalá - everything is fine. Well, getting older means getting stupid - How is possible that ex-C++ and assembler programmer forgot a difference between compile and build :wink:

@upman ProTip™: If you have a GitHub repo, I would definitively check out Netlify to host your static site for free (HTTPS included and many more extra features) :