Hosting other than Github pages


I am planning on hosting my personal site Jekyll blog on a hosting service other than Github pages. How do I take the generated output of Jekyll and upload it for my website? I tried taking the contents of _site but the CSS and Javascript didn’t work.


maybe you have a baseurl set? check the site in the chrome inspector console to see if the css is 404’ing and check what the path is.

Yes, I’m getting a FILE NOT FOUND ERROR. no baseurl set or 404.
when i looked the path seems right to me though.
/assets/css/styles.css <- this is same as tutorial
…/assets/js/hodgepodge.js <- this should be equivalent?

Also markdown isn’t working for my blog posts.
this is an example header of one of my blog posts.

layout: post
author: mgnica
categories: [writing, so good]
tags: [product review]

repo to look at? and link to live site?
you’re sure the css file is called styles.css?

link to live site:
link to repo:

when I ran jekyll build and jekyll serve it showed the proper thing in localhost:4000 though

whatever host you are using is serving from a subfolder so you still need a baseurl value, this time it is /website apparently.

the site is trying to load css from when it is really